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Woodcock Road Surgery
 Woodcock Road Surgery

Woodcock Road Surgery

29 Woodcock Road
Tel: 01603 425989

Electronic Prescription service 'phase 4' ( posted on Jan 21, 2020 )

We are upgrading to the next phase of the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) which will mean that almost all our prescriptions will be processed electronically from 6th March 2020.


Electronic prescriptions help save the NHS money.

You will receive your prescriptions in the same way as you do now.

Read more about https://digital.nhs.uk/services/electronic-prescription-service

SURGERY CLOSURE ( posted on Dec 16, 2019 )





Practices in the Norwich CCG area will be attending a Protected Learning Time (PTL) session on the afternoon of Thursday 23rd January 2020. Protected Learning sessions provide the opportunity for GP's and practice staff to attend training and updates that are a vital part of ensuring practices remain up-to-date on a range of subjects underpinning the healthcare provided for patients across Norwich.


Every practice in Norwcih will be closed and ALL staff including GP's will not be available as usual during the afternoon of Thursday 23rd January 2020.


However, the intergrated car 24 ltd (IC24) will provide cover during the protected Learning session by providing a telephone triage service between 13:00pm-18:00pm available via the following Number: 111.


Following Triage by (IC24) if a patient needs clinical input they will by contacting an on-call GP and if necessary will be given an appointment at specified locations the same day.

FLU 2019 ( posted on Oct 24, 2019 )



This year, three types of flu vaccine will be used in the flu programme.  This will benefit patients by ensuring that they have the most suitable vaccine that gives them the best protection against flu.  The three vaccines are;


  • The Adjuvanted trivalent vaccine (aTIV) for people aged 65 years and over
  • The Quadrivalent vaccine (QIV) for children aged from 6 months to 2 years and adults from 18 years to less than 65 years of age who are at increased risk from flu because of a long term health condition.,
  • The live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV) this is a nasal spray and is for children and young people from 2 years to less than 18 years of age.



Appointments for vaccination are available. 



The Practice will contact you when your vaccine is available – please wait for invitation

Vaccinations are being delivered to the Practice on a staged programme.  This means that we are only receiving a limited amount of vaccine per delivery, over a period of three months, with the last delivery being late November, which means our vaccination of patients aged under 65 will continue into December.



The Practice will contact you when your vaccine is available – please wait for invitation. 

  Supplies of Nasal Flu are restricted, with vaccinations being delivered to the Practice on a staged programme.  As a result, the Department of Health has sent clear instruction as to how Practices are to prioritise invitations and we will be following their instruction. 


NHS England have advised that if you are vaccinated in December, you will still benefit from the vaccine’s protective effect.  It is better to wait for the vaccine that is most effective for your age group.


The delivery schedule is completely out of our control and is the same for all Practices and Pharmacies nationally.  Please be assured that we will offer vaccination to all patients, as quickly as we can.  The Practice will be following national guidance, as issued by the Department of Health and NHS England.

Worsening signs of a sick child ( posted on Aug 19, 2019 )

Open the document for symptons of worsening signs and when you should seek medical help. You may wish to download the document and keep it somewhere safe.

worsening signs of a sick child.pdf

Trust your instincts. Parents and guardians often know when their child is seriously ill. If your child is ill and getting worse, don’t be afraid to seek medical help immediately – even if you have already seen a doctor.

Extended Hours ( posted on Aug 9, 2019 )

Extended Hours:


The Surgery will be open from 6:00pm-7:30pm every Monday, these are Face to Face appointments with a GP and Practice Nurse. At other times during the week we offer telephone consultations with a GP after 6:30pm. These appointments are available for you to book online and through the NHS APP.


If you have any queries regarding the above please contact the surgery on 01603 425989.


New appointments for online booking ( posted on Aug 9, 2019 )

Our on-line appointments have been put on the system and, therefore, you will now be able to start booking appointments through the NHS App or SystmOnline.


So far you will have on-line access to the following appointments:

Blood test: Only book if clinician has requested this for you. You will NOT be able to have a blood test if this hasn’t been requested by the clinician.


Cervical Smear Test:  Ladies aged 25-64 by invitation only.


Diabetic Appointment:  If you are diagnosed as Diabetic, please feel free to book this appointment if you have queries/concerns or if the Diabetic nurse has asked you to attend a follow up appointment.


Asthma Review (if you have an exacerbation see the GP):  If you are diagnosed with Asthma, please feel free to book this appointment if you have queries/concerns or if the Respiratory nurse has asked you to attend a follow up appointment.


Same Day Appointments:  These appointments are with the GP's. You will be able to book these particular on the day appointments from 7:30am the same morning!!!


On-line Bookable Slot:  Pre-bookable appointments with a GP available up to 6 weeks in advance.


Contraceptive Pill Check:  These are 10 minute appointments to discuss contraceptive pills, or if the Nurse has asked for you to come in for a follow up.


Clinical Pharmacist Telephone Consultation:  You will get a telephone call from our clinical pharmacist at the time you have selected.

Pimary Care Network ( posted on Jul 12, 2019 )

We have joined a Primary Care Network to help us deliver better services, for more information, click HERE

Mays 2019 appointment information ( posted on May 31, 2019 )

Please click here to view May 2019 appointments and DNA statistics.

Appointment information ( posted on Mar 13, 2019 )

Please click here to view March 2019 appointments and DNA statistics.

Declaration of GP earnings ( posted on Feb 13, 2019 )

All GP Practices are required to declare the mean earnings (eg average pay) for GPs working to deliver NHS services to patients at each Practice.


The average pay for GPs working in Woodcock Road Surgery in the last financial year was £28,382 before tax and National  Insurance. This is for 5 part time GPs and 5 locum GPs who worked in the Practice for more than six months.


However it should be noted that the prescribed method for calculating earnings is potentially misleading because it takes no account of how much time doctors spend working in the Practice, and should not be used to form any judgement about GP earnings, nor to make any comparison with any other Practice.

Improved Access Service ( posted on Sep 5, 2018 )


This Practice is participating in an Improved Access Service pilot. 


Please contact reception for further details.

Breast Cancer Screening ( posted on May 8, 2018 )


A number of women aged between 70 and 79 are being offered the opportunity for a breast screen, after some women did not receive an invitation for their final screen, as part of the routine NHS Breast Screening Programme.


Most women can be reassured that they will have received their final invitation but all women under 72 years old who are affected, will receive an appointment letter from Public Health England and the NHS by the end of May 2018 informing them of their time and date.


Women aged 72-79, will receive a letter providing clear information on what to do next if they choose to have a screen and will be asked to contact the helpline who will link with their local Breast Screening Service to arrange an appointment and invitation letter.


Women, aged 70 -79, currently registered with a GP, who do not receive a letter from PHE can be assured they are not affected and do not need a catch-up screen.


However, if you are not currently registered with a GP and believe you did not receive an invitation for a screen sometime between your 68th - 71st birthdays then we advise that you get in touch with the helpline:  0800 169 2692.


ON-LINE SERVICES ( posted on Apr 13, 2016 )


Our on-line services allow patients to: 

  • Book and cancel appointments
  • Order repeat prescriptions online.
  • Look at part of the GP records online -   from 1st April 2016 we are able to offer patients the facility to look at a summary of their GP records on-line.  The summary includes coded information such as diagnoses, procedures, and allergies.

Please refer to the Woodcock Road Surgery On-line services document in the 'Our documents' section of this website, or contact the Surgery for more information.


Named Accountable GP for all Patients ( posted on Jul 22, 2015 )

You may be aware that from April 2015 all GP practices are required to provide their patients with a named GP, who will have overall responsibility for the care and support that the Practice provides to them.


All patients registered at Woodcock Road Surgery have been allocated a named GP.  All new patients will be allocated a named GP at the point of registration.


If you wish to know who your named GP is, please ask a member of staff when you are next in the surgery. 


Please note that having a named GP does NOT prevent you from seeing any other GP in the Practice as you currently do.


Where a patient expresses a preference as to which GP they wish to be assigned to, the practice will make reasonable efforts to accommodate this request



The Walk-in-Centre is now located at:


Rouen House, Rouen Road, Norwich, NR1 1RB.








OPENING HOURS: Registered patients 8 am - 8 pm.  Walk-in patients 9 am - 7 pm.











The quickest way to find urgent health care when your GP is not available


The health service needs members of the public to choose services wisely this winter, to reduce pressures on doctors and nurses - and keep waiting times to a minimum.


So NHS Norwich Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has devised some simple advice, which sets out the quickest ways to find the care you need if your GP Practice is unavailable.


If you’re poorly or you’ve suffered a minor injury, the first port of call is usually your GP, but here are some other good ways to find the healthcare you need:


Try your pharmacy – great for coughs, colds and other minor illnesses.  The typical waiting time is under 5 minutes.

Pharmacists are highly trained and can deal with a wide range of illnesses, including those that circulate in winter time like coughs and colds. They can provide you with many of the things you need for your own medicine cabinet at home so you can treat minor illnesses yourself.

Phone 111 – 111 is the local NHS advice line with trained staff to advise the best course of action.  This is a free-to-call NHS telephone line, with trained local staff. They will either give you the advice you need or arrange for an appointment with a doctor or nurse. Also call 111 to ask for the out of hours GP service.

Norwich Practices Health and Walk-in centre -  Norwich’s NHS walk-in centre is at Rouen House  
Rouen Road, NORWICH, NR1 1RB.



It is open from 9am-7pm, 7 days a week.  The Walk-in centre is open from 9am-7pm even on Christmas Day.  The average waiting time to see one of the nurses on duty is just 28 minutes.

If it is an emergency, patients should always dial 999.



Please help the NHS by using services wisely this winter.




For a number of years, work has been ongoing to improve the way that medical records are made available to treating clinicians. Our main computer system is called SystmOne which has the advantage of enabling information to be shared between certain health professionals.


Enhanced Data Sharing Model (EDSM) enables us, with your consent, to share your medical records with those in the NHS who are involved in your care. NHS staff can only access shared information if they are involved in your care and being an electronic service an audit log is maintained showing when and who has accessed medical records.


EDSM should not be confused with care.data. EDSM only allows those treating the patient to access medical records. It does not enable patient records to be used for research or other purposes.


As EDSM has been designed to enhance patient care we will automatically ‘opt you in’. If you would prefer not to opt-in, please mention it to a member of the reception team. You are free to change your mind at any time.


For further information, a full leaflet is available in the 'Our Documents' section of this website.


A Sharing Preferences form is also available in the 'Our Documents' section of this website

Book Your Appointments Online ( posted on Nov 1, 2013 )

NEW - You can now book your appointments online. Click here to read more.

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